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What you need to know about CompTIA CASP Certifications

Generally, CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner abbreviated as CASP is an ultimate accreditation for technical professionals majorly practitioners who are not managers. The certification shows acquired advanced levels of cybersecurity and the ability to investigate ways of imposing solutions to frameworks and policies that have been identified by managers for implementation. CASP opposes the idea of stick management where the identified policies without being investigated.


However, it does not quantify up to the certification by Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) instead, epitomize two distinctive career tracks and different goals.

The CASP Qualification

Like most work qualifications and jobs, one has to have not less than ten years of a nonstop experience in IT administration together with a five-year practical technical security experience. This ensures that before the task upon accreditation is given, one has the ability to tackle the issues of information security. The experience paves way for the training of the practitioners on how to handle government information systems that forms the basic skill on how to deal with external breaches.

The CASP Exam

Basically, the CASP exam aids the abilities required to challenge the new challenges brought by the digital revolution and accomplishes a deep analysis of the present and the oncoming threats. Therefore, by completing a CASP examination, a CASP practitioner would have covered the following areas;

  • Enterprise security- Entails the integration of network and security systems and executing of security control on mobile, host and other factor devices
  • Technical assimilation of enterprise constituents that involves the incorporation of the storage, applications hosts, into enterprise security builds using clouds, on-premise, and other virtualization know-how.

Cryptographic techniques that include the encryption, decryption and cryptographic hashing of the Bitcoin converting ordinary plain text into unintelligible text and vice-versa where the sender and the receiver share a single key. Cryptocurrency makes it possible for some forward-looking early adopters to make a carnage by investing in it, and infamous for (allegedly) letting drug traffickers, cyber-criminals and shady dealers of all kinds to make a killing and hide the incomes from financial regulators and law implementation.

Other cryptographic include

  1. Triple DES that was developed to replace the original DES algorithm (Data Encryption Standard).
  2. Blowfish a symmetric key algorithm premeditated to replace DES.
  3. AES.
  4. Two-fish.
  5. RSA.
  6. Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange.
  7. ElGamal Encryption.
  8. ECC.
  • Incident retorts.
  • Risk management.
  • Integration of computing, communications and business areas.
  • Research to determine the industry inclinations and their impact on the initiative.
  • Analysis of the cyber threat where an acquaintance of external and internal information susceptibilities relevant to a specific organization is coordinated against real-world cyber-attack.

Additionally, the certified practitioner will have practical skills that encompass the knowledge on ows’ of a system specifically on the information security arena. As a result of theow’ knowledge, it is an advantage over certified practitioners with theoretical knowledge. Generation of new devices on a daily basis that are points of entry into the information systems equips the certified practitioner with technical knowledge on the actions to take in instances of hacking of the system.

However, for a proper preparation for the CASP test, one has to acquire relevant materials that will help him or her to learn more and conduct the CASP training to a standard and required level.

The various tools e.g. theSkillsoft’s CAS-002 eLearning and online tools, and casp study guide teach one on how to work on the CASP preparation process at own pace, utilizing different dimensional modules of learning. This engages oneself to keep through and endeavor the severities of the casp practice test.

CASP Salary

A survey conducted by on February 2017 indicated the US $50,335-$107,276 as the average CASP certification salary of the Information Security Analysts. This gives a good range on one’s expected salary on achieving the certification on CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner. The range is the organization based, therefore, for a good job position, one has to earn for what he or she has worked for. Serving a country by protecting its information systems against any form of breeching deserves the range of salary and I do earn one a good reputation of patriotism. This profession is, therefore, an evident potential goldmine for the digital information security analysts in the world today.

In conclusion, we offer this know-how to help the information security practitioners to become more experienced in the field of IT, therefore, enhancing good reputation.

The CASP Exam

Basically, the CASP exam aids the abilities required to challenge the new challenges brought by the digital revolution and accomplishes a deep analysis of the present and the oncoming threats. Therefore, by completing a CASP examination, a CASP practitioner would have covered the following areas;

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